Ecological Systems

Discuss and examine the ecological systems present to individuals who are experiencing the issues you are examining on a local or national level (Building Trust with the Police and the Community). Focus on the environment, government, ecological, and other forces that impact individuals and groups with this concern. Explain how ecological theory contributes to the maintenance of that issue and how adjustments within the ecological paradigm can create change that impacts individuals struggling with their concerns.

How does Bronfenbrenner’s concept of ecological development challenge the strict use of stage developmental processes in human development? Of what importance is it to know the ecological systems concepts in understanding the implementation of programs in the community provided for ethnically, economically, and socially diverse individuals?


This represents environments that a child does not have direct contact with, but that influence a child’s development nonetheless. For instance parents’ workplaces and various government agencies and institutions can affect resources that groups in the mesosystem, such as families, schools, and neighborhood organizations, have to help a child grow.


Bronfenbrenner, U. (1979). The ecology of human development. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.