The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate audience awareness by picking a target audience and then analyzing the values of that target audience.

Subject: English

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate audience awareness by picking a target audience and then analyzing the values of that target audience.
Pick a product or service. This should be an existing product or service. It can be anything. I do not, however, want you to come up with a new product or service as then the focus is on the product and not on the audience you are trying to sell it to.
Come up with a target demographic for the product or service. This can EITHER be the group you feel most likely to buy the product or service OR a new demographic you feel the product or service provider is not currently going after. You want to get as specific as possible. "Men and women 18-45" isn’t going to cut it because what men 18-45 want and what women 18-45 want are two totally different things. There will even be big differences in desires from a man at 18 and a man at 45. This assignment will lead to assignment #4 where you will have to develop an advertisement for this demographic and creating an ad that tries to be all things to all people will not succeed. This has a practical rationale too because money is limited and you need to use your advertising "dollars" wisely.
This is how you should organize this memo of recommendation:
Brief description of product or service (this shows you understand the product or service which would make the company feel more at ease with your marketing plan): 1 paragraph
Description of target demographic: 1 paragraph. This should be a general overview of your target demographic.
What is the value of going after this target demographic: 1 paragraph. You need to convince us why it is worth our while to invest in this demographic. Why do you think this demographic will go for this product? Basically, how can it benefit them?
What is important to this key demographic in terms of values? (1-2 paragraphs). Essentially, what is that this demographic wants emotionally? What intangible "needs" to the have that this product can fill. What are they lacking in their lives? Remember this is not what they physically need but what they emotionally need What evidence to you have to support your claims as to their psychological and emotional needs?
The second part of this assignment is an advertising pitch. It will include…
Proposed Media type for advertisement and why you feel this particular media would be the best use of resources in targeting your demographic (if you pick TV you must list channels and "All of them" isn’t going to cut it): 1 paragraph
Scene by scene breakdown of advertisement. Remember you want to create a campaign that will appeal to the values and desires of your target audience: (As long as it takes but remember you are trying to sell me on your campaign).
An explanation of why you chose the elements in your advertisement that you did and WHY you feel those elements will appeal to your target demographic


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