Stereotype Threat – from the book Whistling Vivaldi

All preference from the book Whistling Vivaldi and only in chapter 1,4,6,7,8. This essay require 3 pages, write about “Stereotype Threat”, below is the guideline.

We have had discussions in class applying and debating stereotype threat in our everyday lives. Now you have a chance to take a closer look at your college campus. Design and describe an experiment that could test for stereotype threat here at Moreno Valley College.

Identify some aspect of stereotype threat that you want to examine at our school. You have an opportunity to design an experiment, but you will not have time to conduct it.

We have talked about many of Steele’s experiments and his use of questioning, research, and hypothesis. Now it is your chance.

The steps:

· Ask a question about some aspect of stereotype threat at Moreno Valley College;

· Do background research – discuss the key terms from Steele’s book Whistling Vivaldi. Spend some time defining and describing key terms from the book that apply to the experiment that you want to develop. You may need to define stereotype threat, or cueing, or over-efforting;

· Construct a hypothesis;

· Design an experiment to test your hypothesis — you might think of taking one of Steele’s experiments and applying it to our college. Include some discussion of how you could control for multiple explanations;

· Spend some time discussing what you think you will find. Be sure to explain why you think you get the results you project (i.e. expect or imagine).