This paper develops a yearly English teaching plan for the fifth grade of a elementary school in Spain. The annual teaching plan is focused on the personalization of education according to the different intelligences of the students of the classroom. To fulfil this, first, I conduct a literature review on the implementation of the theory of multiple intelligences in elementary education. The didactic development annual programme encompasses fifteen different unit plans for an entire academic year. One of them is designed in detail being its procedures focused on multiple intelligences and cooperative learning methodologies.

This project contributes to implementing the theory of multiple intelligences in FLT and to the personalization of education in a particular class group. The secondary contributions are the following:
First, to describe the different tools and strategies that can be applied to obtain a diagram of the different intelligences of our students.
Second, to contribute to the analysis of the most recurring kinds of minds in the group and to propose activities especially focused on the students’ intelligences.
And finally, and perhaps most important, it will provide a list of specific proposed activities that will focus on each of the different types intelligences to work with in class.

It is not necessary to do the teaching plan following the Spanish educational law neither come up with a specific group of students. I personally will add it later.