Why should I get this scholarship

Scholarship essay:
Why should I get this scholarship?
1. Early childhood struggles to becoming someone one day:
• Speak about upbringing as an illegal immigrant and having no hope to continue my education.
• Struggles moving to a new country and adapting to my new surroundings
• Losing hope because of the misfortune of not being able to fix my legal situation and being with my hands tied.
• Contemplating taking the wrong way through life because the right way wasn’t working.
2. Speaking about the day that changed me and showed me the true meaning to life:
• Give a detailed run down of the day I almost lost my life and the old me died so the new me could start over.
• The cross road of my life when it came to changing the whole idea of the rest of my life.
• New ray of hope that shinned down in my life when it came to my legal status and me being able to become a well respected professional that I always wanted to be.
• The steps I took to move forward with my new life and fixing my legal situation with this new Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (also known “DACA”) that President Barrack Obama passed and how it affected my whole family and my life.
3. First real semester of college as a new ambitious me:
• Having to work 2 jobs to afford only 9 out state tuition credits because of my legal status.
• Not loosing hope to becoming the best nurse and future nurse practitioner possible.
• Moving to a new area to concentrate on what really matters in my life to me. (Family and my future away from the negative energy around me)
4. New city, new experiences, new me and many more new obstacles to getting to my mission accomplished:
• Moving to Atlanta and going to campus to start the process.
• Finding out I couldn’t afford school once again bc of my legal status and having to take another semester off and put my future on hold again. (US Immigration system SUCKS!)
• Having to work 2 to 3 jobs again to be able to pay the spring semester of 2016 bc I still can’t get in state tuition or Fasfa even though I have been here long enough. (DACA only allows you to stay in the US legally but it doesn’t help any when it comes to the education system)