Use of Education Technology to Improve Education Level in First Grade to Third Grade in the cities of Mirebalais and Lascoabas


Peer reviewed journals only- from year 2004 as the oldest.
Chapter 1 Introduction: Background and signification

1-Background of Haiti, economic status,
2- Seminal Story: Briefly mentioned author who kind wrote about the education system in Haiti who tried to accentuate on that problem, kind of like a brief homage to them,
3– Haitian Education system
a- Where the study is taking place, Mirebalais, and lascaobas
4– Organizations present in Haiti UNESCO USAID, Unicef
5–Talk about One Child per Laptop Foundation (
-RAND report ( attached file)
– Mention Retel, Educa vision
-Eficap program,
6- Definition of terms