The Influence of Social Media Networks on the Teacher-Student Interaction in Teaching English Language for Second Speaker

Aims and Objectives
Given the research background, the main aim of the proposed study is to explore different aspects of social media networks and their influence on the teacher-student interaction where English is a second language and how this interaction affects the learning process.
In the light of the aim of the study, the researcher has set forth following objectives to achieve the overall aim.
• To evaluate various aspects of social media networks and how do they affect the language of an individual
• To investigate the teacher-student interaction in teaching and learning English as a second language.
• To identify the linkage between social media usage and the teacher-student interaction.
• To understand how cultural factors in KSA moderate with student-teacher interaction and the usage of social media.
Research Questions
In order to conduct a thorough and relevant literature review and present a coherent empirical research, the researcher has some questions that will address the research aims and objectives clearly. These include
• To what extent social media networks affect the students’ usage of English language?
• How do social media network help in scaffolding?
• To what extent do social networks have an impact on student-teacher interaction within classroom as well
• How does online interaction improve the learner engagement and performance?