Teaching Strategies

Strategies (compare and contrast) Guidelines and Rubric

I will be teaching the Information Technology Team about the Electronic Perioperative Documentation. Where to find pieces of the chart that may help them gather data or match data from other sources in the Electronic Record such as Physician Notes or Floor and Clinic Nursing notes. Please follow the instructions below on two teaching methods. My method. I will be teaching this class during their weekly 2 hour staff meeting. I will take 30 minutes of their time. I will be using a Power Point and will be associating it to real life scenarios as well as providing an demonstration of the documentation.

In this assignment you have the opportunity to investigate and compare two teaching methods/strategies that you are considering using for your teaching project to see which one should work best for you and your participants.
Compare the top two strategies you are considering using for your teaching project and conclude with which one should work best based on your review of the evidence.
Submit your comparison as a 2-page paper. Base your comparison on educational research published within the last 5 years. Use primary sources not secondary sources.
 Abstract o One paragraph summarizing the paper without citations and including your
statement as to why your chosen strategy is best.
 Introductory paragraph
o Be sure to set the scenario in your introductory paragraph including who is being taught (clinicians? students?), what subject, where (type of organization/unit), when (time of day), why (required course?), as well as the teaching strategy/method
“how”. o Provide a one sentence statement of which teaching strategy/method you determined to be best and why.
 Comparison of Teaching Strategies/Methods
o You may present the evidence about one teaching strategy/method and then the other you considered using OR you can compare the evidence on the advantages
of one versus the other in each paragraph

o The emphasis of this comparison is “Why?”
 Why would you choose the teaching-learning strategy you have selected over the other strategy/method you considered using?  What makes one strategy the optimal one for you and your learners?

o Do not forget, this is an objective paper based on the educational research published within the last 5 years–peer-reviewed journal articles (primary sources)
 Conclusion
o Conclude by reiterating your decision and summarizing your rationale based on the citations and major points made in your comparison section. o No new information is included in this section.
While the body of your paper is only two pages, also include a title page, one paragraph
abstract, citations for all facts presented, and a reference list. Follow APA style.