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I am MSc nursing students currently I working on project is family leaflet. This leaflet concerned about how family would response to epileptic seizure safely, appropriate and provide effective care for individual diagnosis with seizure especially, during seizure incident. This will provide information on whether the leaflets achieve the desired effects at family level by changing health behaviors that put patient’s life at risk of negative health outcomes. Information which I will included is definition of seizure and classification with most common symptoms also first aid according to different type and emergency case.

I need from you to writ two sections total 1500 words

First section is 700 words
about Explain the theory and research evidence underlying the development of the resource. Describe how you have applied this theory or evidence in the development of your resource. Because it leaflets for patients, I will need to talk about health promotion and the role of written materials (theory). You could also examine research evidence as to what makes an effective leaflet.
The second section: is 800 words
With reference to the educational resource

Lewin K. (1951) Field Theory in Social Science. New York: Harper and Row.

Baulcomb, J S. 2003. Management of change through force field analysis. Journal of Nursing Management, July, 11(4), 275-80.

, explain how you plan to complete production of the resource (if it is not yet completed), implement and evaluate its use in practice. Refer to conceptual frameworks/theories relating to change management and/or evaluation as appropriate. there is document file will help you in this section

I will upload some 5 references could help you and I need 5 others

Pleas make sure using the same references that I will uploaded