Learning Theory and Research Assignment

Proposed Solutions Use the components of scientific research analyzed in the articles for the group project. Incorporate the solution strategy researched into the framework developed.

The format of the assignment must be as follows:

Introduction: Expand the Introduction section of the Learning Theory and Research: An Authentic Application Assignment with material from the literature.

Body: Use the body of the Learning Theory and Research Assignment and explain how descriptive statistics is use. Note why the particular data was chosen and how it was assessed. Note the use of technology in accessing and analyzing the data.

PossibleSolutions: Take the annotated bibliography section of the Learning and Research Assignment and expand it as new section of the paper (in paragraph form). Take all of the articles and come up with one point of view. Add the other articles to support the hypothesis.

Proposed Methodology: Describe the research method proposed to conduct the study. Add any Tormatidn found in the articles to help determine which methodologywould work best. Explain why this particular methodology was chosen. What infernal statistics and tests might have to be used to interpret the data.

Conclusion: Write a summary of what was encounteed while planning the study. Reflect upon the process of using data to demonstrate the existence of a problem and to solve it. How can what was learned be of assistance when writing a doctoral study. How could this study reflect tje University’s goal of encouraging social change