Learning and Development

Task A
You are required to design a half day training programme to meet the above and in doing so provide the aims, rational and learning outcomes for the programme. You are required to produce a detailed Itinerary for the programme. The Itinerary should include brief details of the content outline and materials of each session.

Your pack needs to contain the following:
1. The Company Details, Mission and Core Values and Overall aim of the course.
2. You are required to produce 3 x 1hour sessions.
Each session should contain the following:-
Session Title, – 3 topics
Session Aims
Session Learning Outcomes
Brief outline of format
Academic overview
Activities and timing
It is envisaged your programme will take into account some if not all of the following aspects. (This list is not exhaustive, but merely a guide to potential content areas):-

Healthy Organisation
Leadership Development
Organisational Change/Management Change
Organisational Wellbeing
SHRM Orientation
Culture/ Values
Organisational Learning/ Learning Organisations,
Human Resource Development Strategies
Change &Organisational Development Strategies.
Marking Criteria – Marks will be awarded for the following:-
The overall structure and content and flow of the programme
Effective demonstration of current literature within the programme content (50%)
Task B
Within the programme you outline above, you are required to select any one activity from of your 3 x 1 hour sessions to deliver to a group (approx 12) of your peers. Your facilitated session will last no longer than 15 minutes. You will be notified of your exact date and time (within the University Assessment period) in due course. You will be required to give a brief overview of your programme (2-3 mins) then introduce your selected session, (giving reasons for your choice). You will then deliver your short session within the allocated 20 minute time slot, during which time you will be assessed.
Marking Criteria – Marks will be allocated for the following:-
Evidence of preparation
The structure, design and content delivery, Facilitation, participation and engagement, interactions and feedback (50%)
Although you will only be assessed during your individual session, you will be required to attend for one full day, to participate in other sessions facilitated by your peers.
This module assessment is designed to engage learners actively in both receiving i.e. (participating) and engaging (facilitating) in HRD learning strategies