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Findings chapter
Big structural changes needed so the chapter/subheadings reflect the cycles of action research. The findings chapter needs to match the methodology chapter. In the methodology I said that I would look at generating meaning over time as cumulative cycles feed into the next to create the findings through action research process. At this time the findings are static they do not feed into each other and read as if each stage rather than cycle ends with a definite conclusion and does not flow into the next cycle or offer implications for it. Stating the number of people said x does not fit with the methodology. The chapter needs transparency for how the themes were reached and analysed. It must be a self contained chapter that can be understood fully through reading just this and not the rest of the thesis. Signposting is required as to how sources fit together, justification of them and their implications for the next cycle of action research. Analytical coding – tabulation should be in the appendices. The chapter must reflect the phases of action research within cycles of data gathering. Phases are informing each other to reveal themes eg. The first stage focused on x and the data from this generated xx and was used to inform cycle 2 xxx. Reflect on the stages of the research and the sources of evidence. The core purpose of the study is to look at the process to improve practice to uncover understandings. In the introduction to the chapter reflect on the processes and relate stages to action research cycle and summarise. Do not talk about frequency of response as it must match the analysis that I use which is cycles to generate themes. Start by identifying key themes then develop my discussion and link this to literature. Provide headings for all of the tables in the chapter and refer to them in the text. I have groups of quotes must explain how I arrived at these labels. Check the mode of analysis is consistent between chapters. Provide citations when say something is evident from responses of students. Avoid general statements and support all statements with the sources of evidence over time and for initial analysis. Do not use words such as half/most as these are too general and not justified. Explain how all of the points arise and how themes appear over time and across action research cycles. Be specific over what opportunities means especially when used in relation to teamwork. Do not use the words results as it is cumulative over time. Which cycle of the research do points link to? Return to research design and cycles throughout chapter. What determined the choices made? Must be careful that the analysis of how things are reached is not methodological as it is a findings chapter.