Education – cooperative learning

This is the discussion chapter of my Education Doctorate – The chapter needs to start with a short section providing a summary of the results before synthesising the findings within relevant literature. There needs to be conceptual depth and a clear focus on the action research methodology/cycles that I used. Questions that my supervisor raised to be answered were where did the themes come from, in relation to literature used in my review, what did the different things found tell me/mean, provide evidence from the literature in my review for points made, do not generalise or make conceptual leaps, discuss how I arrive at the subsections within the chapter. Join the discussion chapter up to the methodology, literature review and findings, provide the reader with pointers when moving from one section to another, make conceptual issues/links/themes clear and what does this say about the phenomenological approach taken, show how one cycle of the research feeds into the next for growth of the research over time, how were the themes made sense of?