Curriculum Unit (modification

1. PLEASE DONT Plagiarism .

2. use a good curriculum please and write it for me either in note to let me know which curriculum please .( the references its will be one curriculum that you will going to write the essay )

3. do not forget frist to fill the Curriculum Unit-Plan – Template (the 4 pages )

4. write 2-3 pages essay .

5. look at the guideline its explain everything step by step to start the essay if you look you will fined :

Guidelines for Designing A Curriculum Unit
The framework uses the English-language arts content standards as its curricular platform and aligns curriculum, assessment, instruction, and organization to provide a comprehensive, coherent structure for language arts teaching and learning. If your school is implementing Common Core Standards use that. You will design a curriculum unit that focuses on reading, writing, and language arts, and integrates at least one additional content area to create a cohesive, cross-disciplinary curriculum unit. Content areas you may integrate include: math, science, social studies, and/or health. The curriculum unit should follow a logical sequence of lessons and activities to meet the content standards and objectives. Include the following components:
a) A Curriculum Map: 1-page map that shows 1 week of the instructional unit.
b) Curriculum Unit: Use the template to create an interdisciplinary curriculum unit by implementing state and Common Core standards, planning sequential instructional activities, and meeting the needs of diverse learners, especially ELLs.
c) Sample Instructional Materials: Include copies of 2 or 3 authentic instructional handouts and assessments to be used during the unit. These should be teacher-made not copied from a published program. Materials may include: writing prompts, peer editing/revision checklists, peer-reflections, rubrics, comprehension questions, and/or formative or summative assessments. Instructional materials should reflect opportunities for enriched student learning. Do not include more than 3 handouts, as these are only examples and not comprehensive of your unit.
d) Written Commentary: In 2-3 pages explain the rationale behind your instructional design in this unit. This is your opportunity to describe, analyze, evaluate, and reflect upon the unit you created. Begin by stating purpose of the curriculum unit, its significance, and theoretical/philosophical background. Reflect on your learning and current practices, critically analyze your growth and how curriculum design for English Language Arts helped you improve the quality of your teaching practices. Write a well thought and insightful conclusion, with a Justification for the Curriculum Unit you have developed and reiterating your theoretical and philosophical perspective on teaching and learning.

6 . if you need any more explanation see the file and powerpoint that I attached it for you.

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