Assessment item 2

Programming and Evaluation
To complete this task you will
1 Develop a detailed teaching program for one Year 12 or HSC level module or on similar document from other jurisdictions senior science courses. It is strongly recommended that you focus on the area that you have already explored in Assignment 1. Your program must include:

a. Literacy and numeracy strategies
b. Instructional strategies adopted
c. Information and Communication Technology and
d. Safety considerations

Further, it must be developed on the basis of

• Ensuring that the relevant hours outlined in the syllabus are met
• Being organised into a sequence that reflects the authentic organisation of most school settings (i.e. approximately four hours of science instruction per week, spread over the week)
• Includes time for the implementation of the assessment task you have developed in Assignment 1.

The following guideline is based on the NSW syllabuses. If you are not from NSW, please ensure that you add a copy of the relevant sections of the documentation from your jurisdiction as an appendix to your assignment.
In the development of your teaching program, it is recommended that you follow the various steps outlined below, reporting on and providing information on the following aspects in your assignment:
a. An analysis of the relationship between the Prescribed Focus Areas and the selected Module’s Outcomes and the Contextual Outline of the module that you have chosen.
b. A list of the key concepts or ideas that are included in the whole module based upon the Knowledge and Understanding outcomes that are found in the central column of the module that you have chosen.
c. From the right hand column, develop a full list the investigations (both first hand and second hand) that must be performed. Include full reference details for each investigation. Using the Skills Outcomes map the specific skills being developed in/through each investigation for your chosen module.
d. A fully developed teaching program in which the scope and sequencing of all teaching/learning activities is indicated. As part of this teaching program an appropriate timescale which is related to the components of your sequence and permits the teaching of all the concepts and skills within the total time available (usually 35 hours) and integrates the main concepts/ideas and skills. The teaching program must include information on Module outcomes, lesson content and investigations, teaching strategies, and resource materials.
e. A brief lesson sequence suggesting/summarising what you would anticipate doing in each of the lessons across the unit (N.B. you do NOT have to develop full lesson plans for this section, but need to indicate an outline of your direction)
f. A list of teaching resources (texts, worksheets, websites etc.) covering the concepts, content and problems that need to be examined in this module.
From all of the information gathered for the above sections, you should now be able to develop the final teaching program for the module you have chosen.

Your program should be sufficiently detailed so that the program could be used as is, by another teacher, without reference to you, to teach this module to HSC standard.

As the modules from different syllabus documents will vary in length, there is no set “limit” on this assignment. The following, however, should be taken as a guide. Each part of (a) to (c) should be able to be answered in one page (combined). Part (d) should be answered in 3-5 pages while Part (e) should take a maximum of one page.

2 The second part of this assessment task requires you to indicate how your teaching program (from Q1) will be evaluated. That is, what strategies will you use to evaluate the impact that your program is having on student learning? You need to describe at least three ways in which you would collect evidence, including feedback from students, and student assessment data. Then, explain how you would process the evidence collected to inform your planning and teaching.