Personal Statement Editing

As part of our evaluation of your candidacy, the Admissions Committee requires a sample of writing as an indication of how your intended program of study relates to your goals.

Please develop an essay of no shorter than 500 words (typed, double-spaced) that discusses your professional goals and addresses each of the following questions: Why is this Graduate program right for you, both academically and professionally? What might you contribute to the program, both as a student and afterwards?
Personal Statement:
There is a simple but also important reason of why I chose my undergraduate major and my career direction, which is I love travel. I grew up in an ordinary Chinese family. My parents were not rich, but they always took me to travel since I was a little kid. Imagine a curious kid had been seeing the beautiful world in his childhood, all those beautiful memories he gained from the travel experiences. I am grateful for what my parents did, which I think partially made me who I am today.
Although I chose the major because of my passion for travel, I did not really know what “Hospitality” is at the beginning. I sought different internship opportunities in the Hospitality Industry, trying to figure it out. I had worked in national park, hotels, and tour operator, in both China and the United States, until I found my current job at Tauck, which is an American tour operator. From both my professional experiences and my personal travel experiences, I figured out that all the organizations in the Hospitality Industry serve the same purpose: to enrich people’s life experiences, broaden their knowledge, and fulfill their dreams by providing the best service. As a person who loves travel and also works in the Hospitality Industry, this is also my professional goal.
After I graduated from college, I decided to come to the United States to pursue higher education. I chose the MBA program at Fairfield University and Management as my concentration. I did it because I felt after four years’ study in college, I already had a structural understanding of Hospitality, and I wanted to know more about the whole business world. The Management concentration of the MBA program at Fairfield University provided variety of courses in Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Statistics, and Management. I appreciate what I have learnt there, it did give me wide and new angles to see the business world. However, after the one and half years of full-time job at Tauck, I started to feel that it is necessary for me to get more specific and concentrated knowledge of the Hospitality Industry. To get a deeper understanding of the industry will be helpful for doing my job better right now and be well prepared for my future career development. And the Master of Science in Hospitality Industry Studies program at New York University will be a perfect match.
As a world famous university which located in one of the centers of business in the world, New York University has the unique advantages and excellent reputation to provide students the most advanced higher education. And as the outstanding institutions at NYU, the School of Professional Studies and the Tisch Center for Hospitality and Tourism have the experienced faculties, staff members, alumni, and also the unique access and connections with many resources in the Hospitality Industry. The Revenue Management concentration of the program also matches my demand to get the specific and concentrated knowledge. I believe I will also be a valuable asset to the program. As a person who has both higher education background and professional experiences in both China and the United States, I can contribute the diversities to the program culturally, academically, and professionally. After I graduate and become honorable alumnus, I will do my best to support the program and NYU. From the online information session I attended in September, I have learnt more useful information about the program. Now I have more confidence that this program will help me get a better and deeper understanding of the Hospitality Industry and achieve my professional goal.