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Make sure you have read the chapter on Motivation and reviewed the videos on motivation before you write this paper – Hitt, M., Black, S. & Porter, L. (2012). Management, 3rd ed. Prentice Hall
Describe an experience at work where you have felt demotivated to perform at a high level. Explain what needed to be accomplished and how those tasks related to organizational goals,

Your analysis should include these 3 areas (p. 241+in your text):
Your characteristics – what were the needs, attitudes and individual goals that you brought to this experience?
Characteristics of the job – the nature of the tasks, variety, scope, feedback, etc.
Characteristics of the work situation – how did this experience connect to the social environment including relationship to supervisor and coworkers? How did it connect to organizational actions?

What could the supervisor of this project have done differently to make this a more motivating experience? What could you have done differently to improve your own motivation? Which motivational theory from Chapter 9 could have been applied to this situation to improve the results? (p. 242 – 257)-