Media Rationale and digital media portfolio

Media Rationale and digital media portfolio (SeaWorld )
You will develop a media strategy rationale and produce a digital media kit about SeaWorld in Australia containing specified media tactics that respond to the analysis and recommendations.
You will develop a media relations rationale and a portfolio of digital media tactics to respond to your focal organisation’s media relations problem or opportunity. This assignment has two parts (Part 1 and Part 2). You must complete both Part 1 and Part 2.
Part 1 – Media Rationale
The Media Rationale outlines your decision making (rationale/ justification) underpinning your media relations plan. Your rationale must include the following elements:
• Introduction: A very brief introduction to the document and its purpose/ structure. You outline the core media relations problem statement and you establish the scope of your planning i.e.: what you are trying to address in your media rationale.
• Target publics: Identify, describe and justify the target publics using Hallahan’s (2001) five publics model (based on level of knowledge and involvement) for the media relations activities.
• Goal: Identify your overarching goal for your media relations plan and how this will contribute to broader organisational goals
• Underpinning approach/ strategy: Using Diffusion of Innovations theory (Rogers, 1962/4) as a framework, discuss your underpinning approach(s) for your plan.
• Key messages: Provide five key messages with supporting facts to deliver on your strategy. Discuss how and where you will use these.
• Media tactics and timeline: Describe AND justify your digital tactics relevant to the strategy (and publics). Explain how, when (timeline) and where you will use them. Media tactics should be presented with a clear identification of key messages, story angles and targeted media (link to publics). Provide a timeline to show the timeframe for these
• Media distribution list: This should outline the section/journalist for the developed tactics specifically included in your portfolio (Part 2)
Part 2 – Digital media tactics- portfolio
Writing the tactics allows you to showcase the application of consistent, appropriate messaging across different tactics, as well as your persuasive writing talents. Following on from your media strategy (Part 1 of this assignment) you must produce five media tactics for your organisation and provide these as “distribution” ready.
The word limit for the tactics is as follows:
1. Social/digital media release 1 (angle 1) ( two pages – formatted 1.5 line spacing, 2 cm margins)
2. Social/digital media release 2 (angle 2) ( two pages – formatted 1.5 line spacing, 2 cm margins)
3. Fact sheet (two pages – formatted 1.5 line spacing, 2 cm margins)
4. Five proactive tweets from organisation’s twitter site reflecting the media strategy (140 characters per tweet)
5. Five media question and answers (five questions, plus responses which should be between one to three paragraphs)