Response to Model MUN

Topic: Response to Model MUN
the initial question was:In Chapter 8 of the Parliament of Man, Kennedy confirms the prior 7 chapters are establishing that the UN is not a success or a failure; It is an organization with a mixed record. He then posits that we will continue to see areas of success and areas of failure in the decades to come. Lastly, he notes that reforming the UN is the only way to [SLOWLY] prevent future failures.
For this discussion question, propose a reasonable (meaning, modest) reform to the UN that would help the UN avoid a failure discussed in previous chapters of the book. Be sure to explain how your reform will help solve the issue the UN is faced with!
i need to write a response to this two paragraphs for the second part of the assignment.
The United Nations is a valuable organization that has done a lot to help the world. However, it currently suffers from a public perception of being rooted in the past. In the book, “Parliament of Man,” the author argues that, “if the United States remains encrusted in its 1945 constitution, it will appear—and really be – increasingly anachronistic” (Kennedy 245). One of the major reasons for the anachronistic appearance of the United Nations is the dominance imposed by countries that used to have a lot of power, but may not be as powerful today. This is particularly important because the balance of power is changing in the world. In particular, China and India have very large economies that are predicted to continue their fast rates of growth in the future. The peace settlement in 1945 gave perpetual veto powers to 5 powerful nations, but these veto powers carry with them the potential to be abused and acts to inhibit the functionality of the United Nations.
I propose that the veto powers be replaced by a supermajority vote of the fifteen most powerful nations. Under this system, the five most powerful nations can have two votes, with the next ten most powerful nations having one vote. The rest of the United Nations members will have a total of 5 votes that are decided by a majority takes all approach. This will yield a total of 25 votes. Next, before any United Nations action can begin, at least 17 votes will be required. This type of reform will show the world that the United Nations is no longer stuck in the past and is willing to take the necessary steps to prove to the world that it is an inclusive organization.