Dissertation abstract

A dissertation abstract can be defined as a brief overview of the main ideas in a dissertation. It is meant to tell the reader the main idea in the paper before they get to read the whole document. An effective dissertation abstract is produced as a result of concise and clear writing.

A properly written dissertation abstract should serve as a perfect introduction to the dissertation if it happens to come along with the thesis. In the case where a dissertation abstract is presented on its own, then it acts as a summary of the thesis. The summary is best done when the key terms in the dissertation are explained explicitly and the various sections in the paper explored in an orderly manner.

Researchers identify three forms of dissertation abstracts. However, the two main forms that are predominantly used are the informative and descriptive abstracts. Critical abstracts are less common in use. An informative dissertation abstract presents arguments that are truncated with the supporting evidence coming along. On the other hand, a descriptive dissertation abstract is more of an outline to the paper than anything else. It presents a skeleton of ideas in the paper as well as the scope of the research and the methodology used. Conclusions are hardly seen in this form of dissertation abstract.  A critical dissertation abstract will mostly provide a general critique of the dissertation and hence it is not very common.

Regardless of the dissertation abstract that you would like your dissertation to end up with, you can always run your paper by us. We have the necessary mechanism to accomplish all these forms without any side issue. Not all dissertations require an abstract but just in case yours specifically requires one then we will be willing to do it for you.