Program Implementation and Evaluation week 3 discussion

SMART Guidelines
Reflect on the vaccine program presented in this week’s Introduction. Vague goals such as “save the lives of babies” can be improved by turning them into goals with objectives that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely (SMART). For example, instead of just “increase rates,” one could be specific by stating, “Change knowledge, attitudes, and behavior so parents will vaccinate their children.” This objective could be made measurable by adding “so that rates will be 10% higher than the current 74% infant vaccination rate.” In order to be achievable an objective should be doable, and to be relevant projects should actually make a difference to the target community. Finally, always designate time limits, such as “by the end of 2020.” Many federal funding agencies now require objectives to be stated according to SMART Guidelines.
For this Discussion, use the SMART guidelines to draft one goal and three supporting objectives for your SPP.
Post by Day 4 an explanation of three potential implications of having poorly articulated goals and objectives for a public health program. Describe the goal and objectives you drafted. Finally, explain how these goals and objectives can contribute to the effectiveness of your public health program.