Consumptive Criminality

Review the attached PDF file on youth involvement in white collar (i.e., “consumptive”) crimes and the following video and reading:
Required Video (Differential Association and Social Learning):
After exploring these three sources, prepare a 2-3 paragraph short essay for our discussion board that discusses the current economic crisis in the United States (e.g., income inequality, unemployment, lack of access to affordable education) and the possibility that an increase in crime could occur connected to these economic or social conditions (hint: think Merton’s Strain Theory and other social learning theories).
Tying the readings into your assignment, also discuss how future of non-violent crime may unfold. Be sure to discuss the types of crimes that might increase, which demographics might engage in them, and any specific theories from your readings this week that relate to them.
Use the Discussion Thread that I’ve set up in our Course Site to post your response.

As a bit of a twist to your usual commenting on a particular post from one of your classmates, rather than simply critiquing their posting, try and OFFER A SOLUTION to the problem of increasing crime that they’ve presented.