develop a corporate social responsibility strategy.

you are expected to do an independent piece of research which considers different industrial sectors or organisations, management functions, geographical locations and management practices relating to how corporate social reasonability has been dealt with and critically discuss alternative approaches and solutions.
Using key topics from this module, you need to develop a corporate social responsibility strategy for a company chosen from the following list.
based supermarket chain.
 An international fashion company.
 Oil and gas extraction
 Nike – Sports footwear, clothing and equipment
Write a report to be presented to the board of directors responsible for the company’s corporate social responsibility strategy. Your report should include an analysis of the proposed strategy taking into account the following issues:
1. Explore corporate social responsibility in different organizational and national contexts focusing on the six core characteristics of CSR
2. Explore the variety of theoretical avenues and the diversity of theoretical concepts in
3. Examine strategic approaches used currently by the chosen corporation in fulfilling their community responsibilities
4. Make recommendations identifying how the CSR strategy can be developed for the chosen company. The suggestions should analyse the following aspects:
• How ecological responsibilities are integrated into corporate strategy
• How the chosen company might enhance social welfare by developing products for consumers or respond to demands from consumers for greater responsibility.
• The role which CSR can play in recruitment and retention of employees
This assignment is designed to assess achievement of the following learning outcomes:
LO1: Build a systemic framework including both internal and external factors to identify/examine their impacts to a business’ social responsibility
LO2: Critically evaluate various models of corporate social responsibility and apply to international examples and practical cases
LO3: Identify key social responsibilities related to international businesses and global organisations today in terms of marketing, business, environment and society and elaborate alternatives
LO4: Critically evaluate business practices to articulate debates concerning social responsibilities and response to ethical dilemmas
LO5: Critically review approaches for engaging stakeholders in social responsibility and sustainability programmes