Topic: Divine Comedy

This assignment encourages the student to incorporate personal life experience into a re-writing of one canto of the Divine Comedy. Using the reading, lecture, and, most importantly, the Dr. Guy Raffa (University of Texas) website, choose one level, each, of the Inferno, the Purgatorio, and Paradiso and suggest modern individuals who might fit into those areas. State why the choices are appropriate.

Then, take one of the levels you chose and rewrite that Canto from The Divine Comedy (your pick) in personal/modern context. Use real people or fictional characters from the 20th/21st Century. If you use people that your reading audience would not find familiar, write explanatory footnotes. It is preferred that your canto have the same number of lines as Dante’s (33)—but you MUST have at least 14 lines. It is also hoped that you will attempt to rhyme at least some of the lines. Your canto will be judged on creativity and obvious effort.

Course lecture video and link referenced above