Lessons / Critique –30pts. (Taskstream Document)

The lesson should be original and creative it must be a routine (set steps, counts, beats, etc.) that you develop (no YouTube or mainstream dances). You must teach your lesson in front of a live group of people, friends, relatives, students, etc..and create a lesson plan using the lesson plan format. You must be able to provide your own music for the lesson- you must video type the lesson and upload to you tube/sent through mail/or placed in my mailbox
You must incorporate Florida’s Sunshine State Standards (SSS)(FEAPS)(NASPE) standards in your lesson plan
Successfully sequence lessons and concepts to ensure coherence and required prior knowledge.
You must successfully design instruction for students to achieve mastery
Organize, allocate, and manage the resources of time, space, and attention
Successfully manages individual and class behaviors through a well-planned management system
Adapts the learning environment to accommodate the differing needs and diversity of students
You must create a rubric to assess students achievement for your lesson- please attach to your lesson plan