Designing a Newsletter

Designing a Newsletter
Designing a Newsletter: (Be sure to also read the section on How To Write A Statement of Purpose)

A newsletter is designed first to inform an audience. Your assignment is to
1) create an Statement of Purpose (S.O.P ) for the newsletter and
2) write a one page newsletter with at least four headings with four paragraphs covering topics related to a specific organization or business.

Write a newsletter for an organization or business you are familiar with.. If you were creating a newsletter for the XYZ Real Estate Company you may consider including:

1) a paragraph on the local housing market conditions with a bold heading that reads: First Quarter Housing Sales.

2) a paragraph on insulating around windows and doors with a heading that reads: Preparing Your Home for Winter.

3) a paragraph on interest rates and new types of bank loans.

4) a paragraph on new technology in the firm which offers easier methods for the company to reach clients. i.e. a new Facebook page with helpful tips on buying, selling and caring for your home.

The primary audience in the Statement of Purpose might be XYZ past clients..

When designing a newsletter remember to include the following:
1) A title or name of the organization or company at the top of the newsletter . It’s a good idea to include a logo if one exists – although this is not required. Some organization also have a slogan which you could include at the bottom of the newsletter.

2) A date (most newsletters are produced monthly or quarterly) at the top of the page.

3) An interesting photo or graphic to attract attention and interest. Don’t overload the one page newsletter with too many photos or graphics. The document is primarily text.

4) Bold short headings to capture the audience attention and prepare the reader for each paragraph

5) A signature closing sometimes helps personalize the letter; signed by the C.E.O, manager, or director of a company or organization.

Remember the purpose of the newsletter is first to inform a specific audience, however the newsletter also serves to promote the business or organization through providing helpful information..

The newsletter may be constructed with one, two or three columns and should not be longer the one page (front only)

You may choose any organization or business: This assignment is more enjoyable if you have knowledge about the organization or business. You might consider creating a newsletter for a club, group, organization, church or business which you are familiar with. You will be graded on how well you assemble and construct the newsletter and how well the newsletter adheres to the four parts of the Statement of Purpose.