Master Plan Evaluation

Topic: Master Plan Evaluation

Order type: Coursework

Provide a 3-5 page general, overall impression of a public Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

Possible topics to include:

– Availability and accessibility of the Master Plan to the public
– Availability and accessibility of the Master Plan to staff
– Presentation/Design of Master Plan
– Organization of Master Plan
– Feasibility for practical use of Master Plan by organization
Critique Expectations.

Address the following issues related to the headings:

1. Describe one item that was done extremely well by the organization. What are the benefits to
completing this section to such a high standard?
2. Describe one item that could use improvement. What did the organization miss out on by
completing this section below standard?
3. Are there any unique items that the organization included in addition to expected items?
4. Are any items missing?



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