Hickory store

Topic: Hickory store

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Overview: Chapter 11
The secrets to developing loyalty include recognition, relationships, and rewards. Building them requires effective use of the IMC Promotional tools displayed in Figure 11.1:

1. Database and direct response marketing
2. Sales promotions
3. Public relations and sponsorships
1 What role does database marketing, including the data warehouse, data coding and analysis, and data mining play in creating and enhancing relationships with customers?

2 How can database-driven marketing communication programs help personalize interactions with customers?

3 How do database-driven marketing programs create sales and build bonds with customers?

4 When should direct response marketing programs be used to supplement other methods of delivering messages and products to consumers?

5 What are the tasks involved in developing successful personal selling programs for consumers and businesses?

6 How should database marketing and personal selling programs be adapted to international settings?



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