Write two paragraphs on the topic of Ethics


Write two paragraphs on the topic of Ethics
It is not a full essay. It is an introduction part of an essay. I will attach an instruction file. <write about the relevance of ethics to your discipline area, future profession or occupation> this section in the instruction file, it is the field of Translation which I will attach some resources on this. There are some missing resources which have to be included which are these two

Ethics are defined as “the rules of conduct recognised as appropriate to a particular profession or area of life”
Page 367 of The New Zealand Oxford Dictionary edited by Tony Deverson and Graeme Kennedy,
and published in 2005 in Oxford England by Oxford University Press

“the term “ethics” comes from the Greek ‘ethos’ meaning character or what a good person is or does to have a good character. In general, ethics deals with decision making; it deals with good and bad, right and wrong”
From page 22 of the book Doing Ethics in Media: Theories and Practical Applications by Jay Black, Chris Roberts, published in 2011 by Routledge in New York and London.

Please put them with the citation.
Apart from this everything is explained fully in the instruction.