Unprotected Sex Among Teens


Project statement:

According to survey, sexual transmitted diseases (STD’s) have increased among teenage boys and girls over the years due to unprotected sexual activities.

The survey has shown an increase of 52 percent of teenagers in the United States (Chapman, 2017). According to center of disease of control 34 percent of

teens reported having unprotected sex (CDC 2008). Teenagers frequently like to experience sexual intercourse during their adolescence. Oftentimes, they

don’t have the proper knowledge on how to protect themselves. As a result, this can lead to engaging in unprotected sex which has consequences which

include contracting STD’s and unwanted pregnancies. Unprotected sex is common among the youth due to lack of proper teaching regarding sexual intercourse.

1 out of 5 girls admit they want to be moms as a teen (Fuzzell, et al. 2017). Boys, on the other hand, are driven to engage in unsafe sex due to the

influence of drugs and peer influences, which is also applicable to some teenage girls. As nurses, it is our job is to gain the patients’ trust, teach

them, care for them without judging them, and be their advocate. Having professionals available in schools and local clinics to educate them, and make free

condoms available to them will combat the epidemic of STD’s. According to a study carried out by Kirby (2012), an estimated economic burden of about $15.9

lies on the cases of sexually transmitted diseases among teens, this is according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention while teen pregnancies

amounts to $9billion of taxpayers’ money annually. The estimated rate of teen births among females of between 15-19 years is about 20.3 in every 1000 girls

in Broward County, Florida (Watson, 2016). Proper measures need to be put in place not only in schools but also at home in order to minimize the rates of

unprotected sex among teenagers. Some of the measure include proper parenting where parents need to educate their teens on the dangers associated with

unprotected sex. Secondly, schools and the community as a whole need to implement programs that offer sex education to teenagers with an example of such a

program already existing in Broward County where about 5300 teenagers go through sex education classes annually and consequently are saving the government

an estimated figure of $1.25 million annual cost on teenage pregnancies.



Plan: Evidence of completion teaching method of PowerPoint presentation and a poster

Goal: Upon completion of this lesson teens will practice safe sex as evidence by the rate of STD’s will decrease to 20% in Broward County within 6 months

after completing this lesson.