Argument Standardisation and Analysis

• A standardisation of the argument used in the Ban the Burqa press release.
• A 500 word analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the argument, as you’ve standardised it.
• A 500 word analysis of the language and rhetoric used in the Ban the Burqa press release.
• A 250-500 word report on the Roy Morgan study, and Advance Australia’s use of it.
• A one page (250-500 word) “recommendation” brieng. What points should Claire Reznik emphasise in her response to the “Ban the Burqa” paper?

What points should she make the focus of her own positive response?
Roy Morgan poll on burqa wearing
The poll cited in the Advance Australia press release

Guide to Muslim “Hijab”
It may be helpful to understand a little more about different kinds of “hijab” or coverings. Here is one source, but perhaps you can find

others for yourself.

Parliament of Australia’s Report – Muslim Australians
A series of links, reports, papers and research articles on Muslims in Australia.

Economist article on French Hijab bans
A report of interest because it might provide some parallels to the case in hand.

“Lock up Lewis Carroll”
This is a link to the article analysed in the report above.