Training Environmental Managers and Consultants in Management


Training Environmental Managers and Consultants in Management
Please find below the brief for the resit Assignment. Please note that this assignment tests all the module learning outcomes, and therefore constitutes

100% of the overall percentage marks achievable for this module. Please also note however that this resit assignment is capped at 50% for those on the

refer pathway.
You have been asked by a firm of environmental and sustainability consultants to outline a proposal for a two days training programme in management skills

for Environmental Managers and Consultants. Consultants working for this company work for client companies on a project basis at the design and

implementation of a range of environmental improvement programs. You are required to perform the following tasks:
1. In report format, list the key areas of competences in management such a professional would need to acquire. Justify each item of this skill set by

explaining why they are important.
2. Explain what are the challenges of teaching these skills to Environmental Managers

Use academic references and examples to justify your answer.
The required deliverable is a 1,500 words report with a tolerance of 10% in excess or defect. The report needs to be in correct English and needs to be

supported by references using Harvard referencing.
Learning outcomes tested
Students should be able to…
• be able to explain the skills required for effective management within an organisation;
• demonstrate effective information gathering and evaluation skills to support the development of an environmental management plan
Marking criteria
Criterion Weight %
Does the report evidence understanding of theory?
Are all key terms defined? 25

Does the report evidence good research practice?
Is the argument well-articulated?
Does the report evidence an understanding of investment appraisal? 25
Is the report well presented?
Total 100

Note: the management competences mentioned in this brief are those covered in the module (taught and academic references). For example, leadership and

motivationare both management competences as well asstudy subjects.
Students are advised however that it is not a list of these competences which will gain most of the marks. It is by justifying why these competences are

required that a pass is gained. Please see the marking criteria (above), which outlines where marks will be allocated. Please note, all aspects require a

critical rather than a descriptive analysis approach.

Assignment word length 1,500 words

Assignment value 100% of total marks

Robust “in text” and “listed” references are needed. These references must be in Harvard format. The sources used should not be only internet based: the

argument needs to be supported by solid academic references (i.e. papers in peer reviewed journals). A significant number of papers are stored in the

reference section on Studynet, however students will need to demonstrate that they have researched and found additional sources in order to achieve good


Students should not use internet only sources, e.g. Wikipedia, or they will be down marked. Students using sources such as “QuickMBA”, “Tutor2U” and

similar (the latest seen is “ will be FAILED.
In doubt, please consult the Harvard referencing guide, and if still in doubt, please consult the Centre for Academic Skills Enhancement (CASE), De

Havilland Campus Block M ground floor.