Topic: logistic plan


Beginning on Sunday, November 16, the Saudi Heart ( humanitarian emergency aid response team ) will conduct a field based WASH (water and sanitation and hygien ) practicum (group A) in the waterfront area opposite the King Abdullah Mosque On Prince Abdullah Al Faisal Street in the area north of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Following the WASH Practicum, another group (group B) with 40 persons (3 women and 37 men) will engage in an intensive simulation exercise at the same site in the following week

This area has been selected because there is space available near a water source.

You task is to outline a plan to

1) move the WASH supplies on the list provided to the site from the national airport to the site;

2) determine what portable shelter, food and water and other supplies will he needed for 20 persons ( 2 women and 18 men) in the WASH training (group A) and 40 persons in the (group B) (3 women and 37 men) simulation the following week.

3) Explain how and where the supplies will be procured?

4) How the supplies will be transported to the site and set up?