Social Behavior

You have learned quite a bit this semester about health disparities, and for good reason. Health disparities are one of the most critical

issues public health currently faces. Reducing disparities is a major point of emphasis in National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding

announcements, and disparities reduction is a focus of numerous health promotion efforts at local, state and federal levels.

We frequently speak about health disparities as they relate to race/ethnicity and socioeconomic status (broadly defined). However, disparities

can occur with respect to many other factors. One of the group presentations mentioned some of these factors that receive less attention (e.g.

rural v. urban populations). For your extra credit discussion question, please select a health topic where you have noticed or believe health

disparities exist, OUTSIDE of the areas of race/ethnicity, income, education, and gender. Describe the nature of this disparity, and try to use

an ecological model approach to explain the causes of this disparity. Remember that you should go beyond just describing the causes of the

disease itself, and also describe the cause of the disparity between the groups you have identified.