The book of choice will be the great gastby by f. Scott Fitzgerald. Character Jay gatsby to be the next mayor of New York City. A speech from gatsby

himself to prove him a worthy candidate to become the next Mayor of New York City

Incoming Ninth Grade Honors
Summer Reading Assignment
Please note that the completion of this assignment prior to the opening of school is
expected of all students in the honors program. Timely completion of all assignments
throughout the year is essential to the success of each student as well as the entire class;
therefore, those who do not complete the assignment on time may be asked to leave the
honors program.
Election Speech
Assignment: One of the characters or persons from a book that you have read is
running for mayor of New York City. Write a four-to-five paragraph persuasive
speech, or a four to five-paragraph letter to the editor, convincing voters to vote
either ”for” or ”against” this character or person. You will want to include the
o The character traits you feel a mayor should possess
0 At least two character traits this character or person possesses that would
make him or her an effective or an ineffective mayor
0 Specific examples of this character or person’s actions that prove he or she
would be an effective or an ineffective mayor.
0 Some of the ways your character deals with other characters or persons and
how this may apply to being an effective or an ineffective mayor.
Your speech or letter should be typed in 12 point Times New Roman; line spacing
should be 1&1/2; margins should be one inch.