Self-reflexivity exercise

Description from Course Syllabus

Students will provide a one page (max) critical self-reflection using Clare (2003) to consider their own subject position. Grading will be

based on the student’s ability to demonstrate that they are able to ‘dig deep’ and reflect on their own spaces of privilege and oppression and

how this informs their anti-oppressive social work practice.

Clare (2009) encourages us to ‘dig deep’ to explore our stories of oppression and privilege. Reflecting on your time at Ryerson University,

briefly discuss and reflect upon what you have come to learn about your privileges and oppressions? Given these knowledges, how might this

inform your reflective process throughout this course?

Using the Clare (2003) article reflect on your own subject position. Provide a brief reflection on your own areas of privilege AND oppression.

As you have continued your studies in the School of Social Work provide a brief that have you come to understand about those spaces of

privilege and oppression and, finally, how does this self-knowledge inform your identity and understanding of AOP social work.

Submitting Assignment:
A hard copy of the assignment must be submitted in class to the instructor or through D2L as requested by an instructor.

Due Date:
The assignment is due at the beginning of class in Week 3 of the course.

Value of Assignment: 10% of the final grade.