Gas Laws in Action


Given your expertise in gas laws, your relatives have come to you for help. Your aunt, who is an auto mechanic, has asked you to create a tri-fold

pamphlet that she can display in her shop to help explain to customers how a 4-stroke engine works. Your uncle, who is a respiratory therapist, has

asked you to create a 3-minute video or slideshow presentation that can run on the hospital waiting room’s closed-circuit TV, and can explain how the

gas laws apply to the act of breathing. You only have time to help one of your relatives.
Whichever assignment you choose, be sure to include the following:
describe the changes that occur in each step of the process in terms of the pressure, volume, temperature, and moles of gas present
for each step, identify which variables are constant, and which are changing
name the gas law or gas laws that apply to the process
create and solve a sample calculation using realistic values of pressure, temperature, amount of gas, and volume

If you have another relative with a different gas law problem, but who has requested similar help, feel free to use that example instead. Be sure you

identify the appropriate audience for your project or presentation. Also, run your choice by your instructor for approval before moving forward.
Submit your assignment to the Assignment: Gas Laws in Action link for grading. To see how the assignment will be graded, view the grading rubric.