School Counselor Role in Relationship Violence

Question description

Using information from the readings and Web sites you reviewed, discuss potential legal or ethical challenges presented in this case study, outline a potential course of action for the school counselor and include resources (local or national) that can be provided to the student.

Jessica is a 17-year-old rising senior who has enjoyed a great relationship with her school counselor throughout high school. The school counselor has celebrated the many successes and helped her cope through the various challenges she has faced during high school. Jessica started dating Tom during her sophomore year and they have become one of the more prominent couples in the school. Both are successful athletes, talented students, and well-liked by their peers. They have a large network of friends and are popular students with the faculty as well.
Over the past few months, Jessica began to share that Tom behavior was changes. He had become very jealous and had embarrassed her on multiple occasions when she was talking to other guys, even when such conversations related only to school activities and class assignments. She shared that he started showing up to places where she was going despite indicating he had plans to go elsewhere. Jessica noted that she also received several emails from him when he was angry, threatening to break up with her if she did not call him when he asks. When she came to the counselor’s office today, she was crying. The couple had gone for coffee before school and gotten into a fight, he slapped her, and left her at the coffee shop. He made her walk to school. When she arrived she received a text from him apologizing, asking her to forgive him. Tom told Jessica that he loved her and did not mean anything by it; he was just so angry at her for talking to the guy ahead of them in line. Jessica tells the counselor she has noticed his behavior has a pattern of getting angry, behaving badly, then apologizing, and professing his love

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