Research Assignment: Mountaintop Removal

Mountaintop removal seriously impacts the environment, but it also brings jobs and access to coal. Coal supplies nearly half of our

electrical power plants. Do some research on mountaintop removal and compile a position paper to answer the following questions:
• What are the main arguments both for and against mountaintop removal?
• After reviewing evidence for and against mountaintop removal, what is your opinion on it—do you favor it or disagree with it? Why

do you feel that way?

For your research, you can do an Internet keyword search on “mountaintop removal.” You can also use the website you saw on the previous

page and these two sources, which present arguments from both proponents and opponents of mountaintop removal. You can take any position

you want, but be sure to support your argument either for or against mountaintop removal with evidence from your research.
• Appalachian Voices -an article from a citizen’s group opposed to mountaintop removal.
• National Mining Association -an article about the economic benefits of mountaintop removal, as well as discussion of the process

and how sites are restored when the mining stops.