Measure the Public's Role in Planning


Measure the Public’s Role in Planning
This week, you will analyze political and legal issues of planning at the local and regional levels.

These issues are at the heart of most planning processes. There are many actors, including citizens,
lobbyists, consultanB, developers, citizen interest groups, and planners, influencing the decision-
making process. This process requires extensive administrative rules and statutes, assuring
transparency and the due process available to residents of the local municipality. Analyze the
impact of community input on the planning process. In your assessment include the following:
Analyze the planning process at a regional level, including the constitutional rights of citizen
participation, the role of advisory groups, and the role and responsibilities of elected ofiicials.
Examine the mechanism for channeling interest group influence or issues related to the application
of administrative laws. Most federal grants include a requirement of public participation in both
the design and execution of the development plan. Analyze the efiects of such requirements on the
development of a plan, which must pass public, legislative, and executive review.