Qualitative analysis

The assignment should include the following sections:
1. Introduction
Introduction should include two paragraphs. In the first, you provide a background to the study. This can introduce the United Nation, media representations of politics, The Guardian itself or any other topic central to your own question. In the second paragraph, you should outline your methodology. This section should include references – both thematic in the first section and to methodological literature in the second.
2. Reflection on the coding process
This should be a textual reflection on the coding. You should explain how you decided on codes, e.g. did you use in-vivo or analytical codes, or a combination of the two? Why? You might wish to highlight particular instances from the text and reflect on limitations of the coding process. Explain if your coding was iterative and how it has changed your codes. Use references to relevant literature where relevant.
3. Producing thematic maps
This section should explain the process of producing the thematic map. It should have the textual format but can include additional graphical features, for instance to illustrate associations between codes. Some of the elements that can be included in this section are:
 Explanation of how you identified central themes of the analysis – deductively, based on the overall analytical question, or inductively, based on your codes?
 List of codes, categorised in relation to central themes.
 Strategy of identifying associations between the codes.
 Recognised strengths and limitations of the analysis.
You can draw on relevant literature in this section.
4. Thematic narrative (2 pages)
This section should give a narrative conclusion to the exercise. Produce an answer to your analytical question, reflecting on the thematic analysis conducted in the exercise. Additionally, you should bring relevant literature to support your findings. This section should also formulate a critical methodological statement, reflecting on the overall strengths and limitations of your analysis.
5. Appendices
Appendix 1: Your thematic map
Appendix 2: One full page of the source, demonstrating your coding technique – this will not be assessed in Turn-It In – remove this appendix from the online version of your work.
6. Reference list