Understanding Diversity

Understanding Diversity
Week 2 Assignment Instructions
Title: Understanding Diversity
Purpose: To reflect on our own understanding of diversity.
Resources: This essay is a reflection exercise.
Activity Instructions:
After reading chapter 5 of the textbook, complete this activity. You have learned about the skill of understanding and managing diversity – what it is, why it is important, and how to improve your skill in these areas.
Answer the questions below in comprehensive, complete sentences. Do not provide brief answers. Instead, compose at least 4-5 full sentences (i.e., a complete paragraph) that answer each of the posed thought-provoking discussions.
1. The one or two areas regarding understanding or managing diversity in which I am most strong are:
2. The one or two areas of understanding or managing diversity in which I need more improvement are:
3. If I did only one thing to improve in this area, it would be:
4. Making this change would probably result in:
5. If I did not change or improve in this area, it would probably affect my personal and professional life in the following ways:
6. Were any questions more difficult to complete than others? Which ones and why?
7. What did you learn about yourself in this exercise?
Please remember that your task is to not only write your own assessment, but to show that you are able to draw connections between your readings and your reflection. Use concepts and theories from the appropriate chapters, explain your understanding of their application, and show how they help you understand yourself. Remember to cite properly in-text (Author, YEAR) and at the end of your reflection with a fully formatted APA reference.
I have provided you with a template where these questions are already entered. All you need to do is enter your own information by typing it right into the template.
After you have completed and proofread your assignment, I encourage you to send it to the Writing Lab for extra checking (see announcement). Using the OWL will help you earn a higher grade on all written assignments submitted in the class.