In order to continue designing the employee training program you are developing, you will create a digital or PowerPoint case study of a

national or international company in your field. You will research the target company’s training program online and design a 10-15 slide digital

or PowerPoint presentation to present your findings to your board of directors.
For Project 2, you will submit a professionally-designed presentation for the company’s board of directors which that includes a:
Your name, report title, date
Summarize the need for developing a formal training for your company. The introduction also must provide the name and location of the company

whose training program was assessed for this project. Make sure to include URL if located online.
Through online research, identify a company that publishes extensive information on their training/professional development program. Please

remember that companies may call their training programs different names (ex.: professional development, knowledge management, leadership

programs, etc.). In this section of the project, include:
• The name and web address of the company;
• The name of the training program;
• A summary of the purpose and target audience of the training program;
• Do NOT copy and paste from the company’s website. You must summarize the information in your own words;
• How much money is invested in training?
• Training program learning outcomes/goals/topics (What are the training topics? What are the goal knowledge/skills?)
• How is the training delivered (online, face-to-face, CD/DVD, or other method)?
• Who designs and delivers the trainings (an in-house trainer, outside company, or consultant)?
• When do the employees go through the training (during or after work)? Are they compensated?
• Is diversity of the learners/employees addressed in the training program? If yes, how?
• Is employee motivation addressed or promoted? If yes, how?
• What role does technology play in the trainings?
• Any other information relevant to training that you find in your research of this company
In the conclusion, please identify 2-3 strengths and 2-3 weaknesses of the training program you analyzed. Conclude with a discussion of what you

learned from the case study (best practices) that you could apply to the training you are developing.
Properly cite all sources using APA style. Citation Machine is available free of charge for your assistance in creating the bibliography at: