optimisation of logistics in inbound logistics in automotive

  This report to cover the research objectives:                        
  How the suppliers data analysis would improve the transportation system.                  
  How the integration of the new technology would improve the deliveries                    
  How the optimization of the inbound logistics process can facilitate a robust and continuous growth               
  data to be analyzed from the report:                          
  the different causes of truck delays – draw a pie with different reasons.                    
  percentage of late deliveries because of failure or processes, or process issues.                  
  percentage of late delveries cause of suppliers.                        
  analysis should include the following – all to include references ( new references):                  
  how its useful to analyse the  suppliers performance for the company                     
  implemetation of new tchnology to improve deliveries such as:  transport management system, track and trace, system interface with suppliers, gps for the trucks,  
  to explain how the above will help reducing time & cost for the company.