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 I have wrote the below instructions previously for my report done by advanced writers as well and now I will need to do a PowerPoint presentation regarding the same 



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Paper details

I am an employee at the national bank of bahrain and i work as a ‘operation executive ‘ in the card centre . However i have had an interview for the position of control officer in a new department in the bank called permanent control department . I will attach a description of the position and the department itself . However the interview went well and they asked me to do a report a submit it the next day . It evening now in our country and i will not be able to do it due to some circumstances. I will write below what do they need exactly and the second part will be regarding some weaknesses in my current department card centre so i will write you some to help . Please do it as soon as possible as i will not have time to submit it . Please also keep in my mind that we are now under a new management that wants to change a lot as we are know in bahrain as a very old school bank , manual processing and consuming alot of papers . What is required ” in your own words, please describe your understanding of the internal control function and its objectives; explaining how nbb (national bank of Bahrain) meets your understandings requirement ( max of 500 words ) Please provide 3 specific internal control weaknesses , where control can be enhanced , giving a detailed background , full justification and a road map of how to fix or improve such weaknesses ( max 1000 words )

1- we have a system called gp ( great plain) how ever this system is responsible for issuing manager cheques for our merchant that they dont have an account with us . There are alot of problems in this system and merchants get delated with their cheques. What needs to be done is to have an electronic system for to send these cheques automatically using a local system in bahrain called efts . This way merchants will get their money on the following day on daily basis. 2- in card center we have alot of systems and the main problem is that we have separate system for debit cards and credit cards for merchants side . Many merchants get confused and this need to be done in one system. 2- monthly reports we send to our governments and top merchants are processed manually by access and excel which may cause alot of mistakes and not deliver it in a time manner 4- we need to have a coordinator here in card center to follow up the urgent cases from call center and other departments, this coordinator also may help customers / staff and guide them to the concerned unit in the department 5 – there is no log report for a freeze/ unfreeze on bank account that have been made due to overdue amount on the creditcards and any other reason . This needs to be under control for security 6- all creditcards / refillcards proposals that branches send to the card center and received by our customer services unit in the card centre contain alot of papers and requirements and customer service print it and submit it to use ( operations ) in order to process it . This way branches have a lot of papers and so do the car centre . What needs to be done is to have a system where the staff at the branch input all the data and we check it on the same system and approves it . This will save time / paper … Anyway these are some of the points that i hope it can help you out and i will also send the card centre procedure you may have a quick look at it and find some useful information . Thank you in an advance i know it is alot of work . I have been dealing with your website for a long time . And i will send an email personally to concerned person if i am satisfied . Please note that these are sensitive contents and i know that this website is secured




Now what I need is a PowerPoint presentation accumulating all these and with notes as well of what I will be explaining. Please note that I was not very satisfied with the report and I don’t want the powerpoint to be the same, however will attached the previous report and card centre procedure and the job description and info regarding the new department ( permenant controls department)  I hope all of this comes into result . 


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