Political science

Students will conduct independent research regarding the options available to their assigned foreign policy actor and prepare a 5 – 7 page

essay which outlines the foreign policy preferences and possibilities for this specific actor. While students will collaborate for the oral

simulation, papers should be independent analyses.

Each actor should research and prepare an essay that addresses the following:-Cultural, historical and geopolitical characteristics that

are relevant to the foreign policy
decision making process.

Paper Instructions:

-Key actors (as determined by your group) and the goals and interests of those actors. -Role of domestic actors in influencing the decision

making process. -Options for your actor. -Your decision and an explanation for why you reached that decision.This step requires that

students research the foreign policy problem and the role of individuals,
institutions, groups and governments. Suitable sources include major books, news and journalisticarticles from legitimate sources,

government documents, IGO analyses, and journal articles. Abibliography of your sources should be included with your essay