How can the Three Cs be Implemented together with Strategy?


How can the Three Cs be Implemented together with Strategy?
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Having carried out thorough research I realized that the organizational leaders’ areas of interest among other priorities is Strategy. But devising a way

of implementing this strategy throughout the business organization becomes the problem. A small group of people who are well-trained often create various

strategies that are of the best, alas the organizations’ leaders often fail in its implementation. So to successfully execute an organization’s strategy,

it must be the general consent of everybody in the organization in order to successfully implement the organization’s strategies, the three Cs can be of

great importance, they are:

> Clarify the strategy: Organizational strategies are high-level statements that are reverberating with executive levels and as well as the board which are

also flop with the front line together with the mid-level personnel. Because if the people fail to understand the strategy they will not be able to operate

it, so clarifying the business organization’s strategy to people will ease their simple understanding of the strategy. Avoid corporate speaking, which hide

the true meaning and understanding of the strategy implementation (Kelleher H.).

> Communicate the strategy: Communication is the second C. And this communication is the essence of the strategy at every level of the organization

utilizing various channels which is a key, which means should not rely on posters only for communicating the purpose of the strategy as there are some

message boards, podcasts and brown bag luncheons which are of great importance to aid in communicating what the strategy is all about.

> Cascade the business strategy: Is not just about creating strategy, but how to implement them as well, this can be done through cascading the strategy

from all levels of the organization by involving its managers to help in getting every level in translating the strategy elements of the organization.

How can the Three Cs be Implemented together with Strategy?