MTV music videos

Overview: choose one of the following four MTV music videos to analyze and discuss:

1. Michael Jackson, “Thriller” (song: 1982; video: 1983)

Official video:

2. Eurythmics, “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” (song/video: both 1983)

Official video:

3. Madonna, “Material Girl” (song/video: both 1985)

Official video:

4. Michael Jackson, “Black or White” (song/video: both 1991)

Official video:

Analyze the video and compose a concise essay (650–750 words) based on the following discussion points (weighted equally):

Discuss the lyrics, music, and visuals separately.
Discuss the relationship between these components: how does the imagery impact what you hear, and vice versa? What lyrical and/or sonic

elements(instrumentation/timbre, rhythm, meter, melody, harmony, form, etc.) do the visuals seem to emphasize or de-emphasize? How does

the sound draw attention toward or away from certain imagery? More broadly: how does the video seem to focus your attention, and how does

this affect your overall viewing experience?