Discussion – Bias in Art History and Archaeology

Before completing this discussion, read the article
Mysteries of Great
by Peter Tyson.
Tyson discusses the Great Zimbabwe site and issues of
ethnocentrism in art history and archaeology. Using this article, the required
textbook and a “General Web Search” ponder the following questions. What
is ethnocentrism? Can one consider themselves open-minded and still be
ethnocentric? Is everyone ethnocentric? Is it a matter of degree? What are
the inherent problems with ethnocentrism and art history/archaeology? How
can ethnocentrism be recognized and addressed?
After researching the topic, formulate an opinion on one aspect of
ethnocentrism and its relationship to art history/archaeology using the
questions posed above and assigned article to guide you. Once you have
formulated an opinion, make a persuasive argument to your classmates.
Include at least one example from the assigned article referenced above to
bolster your argument and assist in backing up your opinion. Remember to
use essay format (introduction, body and conclusion) and pay proper
attention to grammar and proofing.