This major assignment requires you to write a report on critical
evaluation of logistics systems of a
chosen company.
Some useful guidelines in this regard are:
-A critical evaluation of the chosen company’s logistics operations
should be performed.
This involves using theoretical concepts that you have learned so far
or are supposed to
learn in the unit, to assess current logistics practices of the company.
-Critical analysis of key logistics aspects of the company ( hint:
assess the strengths
and weaknesses of each logistics aspect using theoretical concepts that you have
learnt, as an ideal scenario). A critical analysis means both
positives and negatives.
Identify key challenges and issues faced by the company. Highlight
best practices (if
-It is essential to use theoretical concepts to assess the actual
logistics practices of the company.
The company is DHL and the part am covering is the supply chain.
And the book we are using is Coyle, Langley, Gibson, Novack and Bardi
(2009) Supply Chain Management, 8th Edition,
Cengage Learning Australia.
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